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released January 2, 2015

Matt Slowikowski - Vocals, Programming
Michael "Chewka" Marchewka - Guitars
Timothy Gutierrez - Guitars
Adam Goode - Bass
Sideshow - Drums, Srings



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The Drowning Season Bel Air, Maryland

Matt Slowikowski - vocals, programming

Jason Lee - guitars, programming

Sideshow - drums, strings, etc.

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Track Name: Last Days of Eden
Precious in my eyes
Precious in my eyes

Walk across the heavens
To the Valley of the Kings
There before you is a place
Like none you’ve ever seen

With streets of gold
And temples on high
Standing in the doorway
You wave goodbye

These are the last days of Eden
Falling down
These are the last days of Eden
Falling down

So gather up your sorrows
And put them to the test
For we will never return here
Until they're laid to rest

And tell your children
The story of today
How once you had everything
And gave it all away
Track Name: Vigil
Another smile, another lie
Her words that leave you high and dry
Cursed with debts you’ll have to pay
While saving for a rainy day
Wondering if there’s a better way

I see you in, you lead me on
Your promises dance on my tongue
Deceiving angel heaven sent
Your wings are dust, your halo’s bent
You say you will, but I know you won’t
I know you won’t

Another scar, another day
I watch the blue skies turn to grey
A vigil held so sweet in time
Acting out scenes of the crime
Left with memories so sublime

Keeping watch as the stars go by
A vigil held across a burning sky
Track Name: Children Under Clouds
We stand on the edge of evermore
Stretching out our arms
To catch whatever falls
With grasping hands and gaping mouths
We seek communion
We seek revenge

And the clouds are coming down again
We see the children under clouds

We speak in tongues, we speak of time
The memory of saints
Who brought us here
And gave us faith
All good children are divine
So raise your hands
And lift your minds

And the clouds are coming down again
We see the children under clouds

Come unto us
The illuminati
See forever

And the clouds are coming down again
We see the children under clouds
And the clouds are coming down again
We are the children under clouds

Rejoice again
Rejoice with us
Track Name: Chaos
Kill the lights and wake the devils in your head
Feed the demons on your diet of regret
Piling dirt upon the floors of discontent
Spit and make it shine

Hear the voices of the dead that you have drowned
Flailing helplessly, you grin and bare your veins
Inject the misery to keep the dogs at bay
Listen to them howl

Watch in wonder as your world goes rushing past
You look for signs of life, you pray to die
Another victim left to rot upon the tracks
And the train keeps coming through

Holding on until you feel it’s safe to breathe
You’re never more wrong, nevermore
The turning tide has brought an old familiar friend
So you’re diving in again

Living at the speed of light can cause you to go blind
Trying to make some sense of all this chaos in your mind

Chaos in your mind