New Disease

by The Drowning Season

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released January 1, 2004

Matt Slowikowski - vocals, programming
Michael "Chewka" Marchewka - guitars
Sideshow - drums, bass, strings

Additional guitars - Timothy Gutierrez



all rights reserved


The Drowning Season Bel Air, Maryland

Matt Slowikowski - vocals, programming

Jason Lee - guitars, programming

Sideshow - drums, strings, etc.

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Track Name: New Disease
Take me where the sirens sing
Take me far away
Chasing frozen memories
That come to call today

Lost on hope and high on fire
We trick our eyes to see
A better day that never comes
A bitter new disease

"Place your faith in me" they say
We look beyond the pale
Redemption comes in little pills
Where heaven is for sale

So breathe it in or spit it out
There's never time to cry
In a world that loves this new disease
There's only time to die

Come on in
Wrap yourself in heaven's grace
Come on in
Angel child with a devil's face
Come on in
Hold on till the break of day
Come on in
It steals your soul away
Track Name: Believe
What is the cost of being deceived
What is the cost of belief
If love is the thing that binds us to grace
Is being in love worth the grief

A treasure to share, a passion to keep
Remembrance of our yesterdays
Vanishing now in the shadows of doubt
And lost in the morphenic haze

Believe me when I say to you
Perdition is the wage of sin
This chapter closed, my heart has vowed
To never let you in

And then you speak of some belief
You want me to trust in something that I can’t see
I can’t see

Believe me that I will never believe you again
Believe me that I will never see you again
Just believe
Track Name: Vicious
Now that I am here, I see that nothing’s changed
Faces may distort but they can’t hide the pain
Words that fly like bullets always hit their mark
And devils always dance their way into you in the dark

Should have seen the signs, I should have run away
But thoughts of heaven led my mind astray
Now I see clear, now I can tell
These thoughts of heaven led me straight to hell

You growl at me, you bare your teeth
You’re looking so vicious, vicious
You glare at me, the fear you see
You’re feeling so vicious, vicious