Drum Machines and Amphetamines

by The Drowning Season

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released July 27, 2011

Matt Slowikowski - Vocals, Programming
Michael "Chewka" Marchewka - Guitars
Sideshow - Drums, Bass, Strings



all rights reserved


The Drowning Season Bel Air, Maryland

Matt Slowikowski - vocals, programming

Jason Lee - guitars, programming

Sideshow - drums, strings, etc.

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Track Name: Resurrection
Out of the shadows
A ghost that won’t forget
Past obsessions
The fruit of my regret
Haunting appearance
Your memory burns new
My soul afire
In the flames I dance with you

I won’t raise the dead for you
I don’t think so
I won’t tear my world apart
Just to make you happy

I won’t raise the dead for you
I don’t think so
I won’t start what you will end
Just to make you feel again

Part of the scenery
You made me feel so small
In your world of you
You rarely had it all
But do you remember
Ever feeling you were sure
When you said forever
As you wandered out the door
Track Name: The Visitor
Come with me, just take my hand
I’ll lead you to another land
I’ll give you all and everything
And more that hides there in between

Some days are dark and some are light
Some mornings rush into the night
So take the shadows from your smile
You’ll see, you’re always there with me

Slowly moving through the vein
I’ll gladly take away your pain
Replace the space that passes for your soul

I’ll be your nightly visitor
I’ll be your priest and so much more
Confess this sin and blessed you will be
You’re always there with me

What’s writhing in you
Is writhing in me
Twisting us, make us one
Forever we will be

What’s tearing at you
Is feeding me
Make us to one
Forever, forever we will be
Track Name: Rage of Angels
Once in a while
We venture too deep
Crossing the line
Reflections will keep

A truth in the mist
We lie in the dust
Where dreams are for sale
In heaven we trust

Lost in the night
We’ve taken our turn
The heat closes in
And we feel the burn

In this dying time
We open our wings
And take to the sky

With the rage of angels

Breathing so hard
We struggle for air
Never succumb
To temptation there

Dancing too fast
In morphenic haze
Our feet leave the ground
We travel for days

All is revealed to
The eye of the mind
Now we can see
When once we were blind

With visions divine
We fall like the rain
Come crashing to earth
With the rage of angels
Track Name: Isolation
In a darkened room
These creatures are my own
A wish fulfilled
The emptiness of all

My hollowed mind
Resents this sense of time
Bring me darker days
And carrion

Killing time
Life in isolation
This is my
Life in isolation

There’s no escape
So deliver unto me
The pain that’s real
Absolution truth

I’ve taken what was given
The cross of this way
Now and forever
The sum of my days
Track Name: Dust Til Dawn
Fallen angels standing guard
Drift off to sleep as heaven falls hard
Never knowing the world they had was gone

Throwing halos, never caught
Pure intentions born of impure thought
Hands that offered hope have all but withdrawn
Left to dream tomorrow from dust till dawn
From dust till dawn…from dust till dawn
From dust till dawn…from dust till dawn

Signs and crosses paint the walls
Whispered vows and vespers in the halls
Candles burn like witches wish the dark begone

Seeking comfort, walking lines
Your reflection only serves to mark the time
Maybe the kindest cut has yet to be drawn
You pray till morning light in dust till dawn
From dust till dawn…from dust till dawn
From dust till dawn…from dust till dawn
Track Name: Hair Bender
You feel it coming
Burning down the track
She’s closing in on you
And there’s no turning back

It’s mesmerizing
This hold she has on me
So hypnotizing
I don’t want to be free

Gathering speed now
She’s about to overtake
I’ve lost my will, and I can’t breathe
I’m in for heaven’s sake

Going round the curves
She’s no first offender
Pedal to the floor
She’s a real hair bender

Where did you get this power
To cut the line with blazing speed?
And if I’m sure of one thing
It’s that you’ll be the end of me

It’s so inviting
The moth goes to the flame
So tantalizing
Like candy in my brain

Heart pounding faster
Head beats like a drum
I should have listened to myself
I’ve gone from deaf to dumb

Going round the curves
She’s no first offender
Pedal to the floor
She’s a real hair bender
Track Name: Absolution
I can’t think about tomorrow
I can’t see past yesterday
But living in this moment
Means that there’s hell to pay

If I could face the sunset
To see the dawn arise
Then I would stand forever
A statue in her eyes

I don’t want absolution
I don’t want hollow grace
I don’t want to be the one
Who wipes the tears upon her face

I don’t want absolution
I don’t want the kiss and scream
I don’t want to be the one
Who tears apart her perfect dream

In this world of sadness
In this world of despair
We make the fatal choices
More than our hearts can bear

If I thought good intentions
Would lead to heaven’s gate
This road that we must travel
Wouldn’t seal my lover’s fate
Track Name: Shade
Please forgive me
I couldn’t help but hear
These walls can speak in whispers
Their words come crystal clear

And maybe you’ve forgotten
The promises we made
It seems we’ve lost our way again
Somewhere in the shade

Dropping pretext
No need to save this face
A mirror image of your lie
That seems so out of place

Like photographs in sunlight
Our love will surely fade
Lost forever to the night
Somewhere in the shade
Track Name: Another World
One time I felt the fear
The Cold when you grew near
I should have had enough
One time…one time…

The sin that lives in my soul
Take me away to another world

Of this sin in my soul
Take me away to another world

One time I saw your face
In time I fell from grace
Right then I knew the score
One time…one time…

In time I’ll find tomorrow
And wash away this sorrow
In time I’ll break the mirror
In time…one time…
Track Name: Crossroad
I’ve searched across the this land
For a thousand years
I’ve watched the widows mourn
Seen a million tears

Brave men with braver words
Set to rights with steel
But I’ve told the preacher man
You don’t have to kneel

Just bury me…at the crossroad
Just bury me…at the crossroad
Live by the gun…die by that code
Just bury me…at the crossroad

Gone are times of happiness
With shadows over me
They watch for signs upon my face
But they will never see

The trail of dead leads to my door
A bullet for every name
And when the sun goes down on me
It will wash away my shame