Devil Down The Trail Of Strange Sacrifice

by The Drowning Season

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released January 6, 2016

Matt Slowikowski - Vocals, Programming
Micheal "Chewka" Marchewka - Guitars
Timothy Gutierrez - Guitars
Sideshow - Drums, Strings



all rights reserved


The Drowning Season Bel Air, Maryland

Matt Slowikowski - vocals, programming

Jason Lee - guitars, programming

Sideshow - drums, strings, etc.

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Track Name: Trail Of Blood
The desert burns upon my face
A prelude to the fires of hell
Evil breeds in every place
Our names in dust and stories to tell

At the end of another day
Sleep comes hard eventually
Curse this trail of blood
That keeps leading back to me

Western skies that have no end
Riding the trails of misery
A bullet is my only friend
And death my blessed destiny

Killing men without remorse
Watching their widows drown in tears
They’ve put a price upon my head
But the devil’s my only fear

Soaked in sweat and whiskey haze
Bathed in dirt and drenched in mud
Walk with me for endless days
Just follow this trail of blood
This trail of blood
Track Name: Downtime
Feel the footsteps
Crashing over me
Ice like fire
Melt and set me free

Where do dreams go
When heaven’s washed away
When does the night end
When I never see the day

In my downtime
Will you say my name
In my downtime
Will you remember me
In my downtime
Will forever be the same
In my downtime
Will you remember me

My salvation
Memories of home
My damnation
Left here all alone

Where is this paradise
When will the angels sing
Heaven’s just a shadow
With all the hell it brings

Moving through never ending passages of time
Tongues that speak words travel from the stars
Sealed in my temple they vibrate in my mind
Echoing my prayers from afar
Track Name: The Devil You Know
Another day in this hollow land
Here every saint is a liar
Shadows call and they beckon you
So you dance in the fire

Breathing in the crystal love
That burns right through your soul
It leads you down the left-hand path
Before it takes control

You make your bed in the lies you’ve told
Retrace the lines that begin to show
You find yourself in that place so cold
Caught between the angel and the devil you know

Empty eyes that stare back at you
To see the future unfold
Promises of some better days
You bought the lies that they sold

Still the longing will bring you back
To this house built of pain
With open mouth you stare at the sky
Till you drown in the rain
Track Name: Sacrifice
Curse my heart so cold
Count the dreams that were sold
Turn my face toward the flame
See the ashes that still remain

Wipe the tears that fill my eyes
I was not forsaken
And as far as I can tell
God’s in heaven, all is well

Should I pray my destiny
Leads me to some paradise
Knowing saints and sinners both
Mourn their days of sacrifice

If sin was water we would drown
Feels like the sky is falling down
Track Name: Strange
Let's just say that it's over
Let's just say that it died
Cause I can't take another moment
And I can't shake the blame inside

Can I leave us here forever
Broken hearts in this house of love
Where shadows dance in the doorways,
and whispers linger far too long
Where secrets rain like bullets from above

And I know it's rather strange
To see me turn and walk away
But I can't take another moment
And I'll be damned if I will stay

Let's go